Over the past two years the renowned Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham has been visiting every Catholic Cathedral in England with a mission to pray for the Re-evangelisation and Conversion of England. We are looking towards the Dowry Tour finale when all England is invited to renew their own personal “YES” to the Lord Jesus through Parish communal acts of preparation for Consecration to Jesus through Mary and a pledge to commit to regular Confession, the praying of the Angelus, Rosary and prayerful invocation of the Saints and Martyrs of England as on-going prayer for our Nation and the entire British Isles.

The Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary Timeline
“A spiritual renewal to help facilitate the New Evangelisation”

• 1st January 2020: On the Feast of Mary, Mother of God, a formal public announcement by the Bishops of England and Wales regarding the rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary

• 21st February 2020: All Catholics, and anybody else who wants to join in, will be invited to begin a personal 33 day consecration to Jesus through Mary following the method of St Louis de Montfort. This includes an invitation to go to the Sacrament of Confession. Free books will be sent from the shrine, on request, written by Fr Michael Gaitley entitled, '33 days to Morning Glory'. These have been distributed throughout the Tour (shop.walsingham.org.uk/33-days-to-morning-glory)

• Wednesday 25th March 2020 (the Feast of the Annunciation): All who are following the consecration will consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary on this day.

• Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th March 2020: a three-day triduum of prayer in which all will be invited to recite the litany of Saints and Martyrs of England, pray the Rosary and go to Confession in preparation for the rededication.

• Sunday 29th March 2020: a personal rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary. This will be done in Westminster, Walsingham, every Cathedral, every parish, and as many homes as possible. It is a personal rededication following the guidelines in the book 'The Angelus Promise' which can be obtained from the Shrine.

Parish sign up Dowry Map for pledges of participation in
the Rededication of England as Mary’s Dowry

Let us see the map of England, Mary’s Dowry full of pledges of participation

When England goes back to Walsingham… Sign up your Parish or Monastery/Convent/ Religious House on the Dowry Map at www.dowrytour.org.uk for the re-dedication of England as Mary’s Dowry on Wednesday 25th March 2020 (Feast of the Annunciation) through to Sunday 29th March 29th 2020 – the actual date of the communal re-dedication of England as Mary’s Dowry.
Or email your Parish details to mapsignup@walsingham.org.uk

“The victory, if it comes, will come through Mary. On this universal level, if victory comes it will be brought by Mary.
Christ will conquer through her, because He wants the Church’s victories now and in the future to be linked to her.”

Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Pope John Paul II

This is the communal opportunity for Catholics, Christians and all people of good will to place their total trust in Jesus
through Mary and to renew their own ‘Fiat’, ‘Yes’ to God. Everyone is invited to participate from wherever they are!

Like Our Lady, let us say with faith: ‘I am the servant of the Lord, be it done to me according to Thy word’ (Luke 1, 38).

All materials – 33 Days to Morning Glory, the Angelus Promise booklets and the Litany of Saints can all be obtained from
the Slipper Chapel bookshop at the Catholic National Shrine at Walsingham, online at www.shop.walsingham.org.uk or via email at shop@walsingham.org.uk.

“When England goes back to Walsingham,
Our Lady will come back to England"

Pope Leo XIII

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  • In 1399, Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote

    "The contemplation of the great mystery of the Incarnation has drawn all Christian nations to venerate her, from whom came the first beginnings of our redemption. But we English, being the servants of her special inheritance and her own dowry, as we are commonly called, ought to surpass others in the fervour of our praises and devotions.”

  • Pope Leo XIII recalled that this country had long been known as Our Lady’s Dowry

    "the wonderful filial love which burnt within the hearts of your forefathers towards the great Mother of God... to whose service they consecrated themselves with such abundant proofs of devotion, that the Kingdom itself acquired the singular title of Mary's Dowry."

  • Pope St John Paul II spoke of England as Mary’s Dowry in 1982

    “Our society needs to recover a sense of God’s loving presence, and a renewed sense of respect for his will. Let us learn this from Mary our Mother. In England, the Dowry of Mary, the faithful, for centuries, have made pilgrimage to her shrine at Walsingham. for centuries. Today Walsingham comes to Wembley, and the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham, present here, reminds us it is Mary who will teach us how to be silent, how to listen to the voice of God in the midst of the busy and noisy world. We need to live as Mary did, in the presence of God, raising our minds and hearts to him in our daily activities and worries.”

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  • England to be rededicated as the Dowry of Mary in 2020

    As part of the spiritual preparation for the rededication, the Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham is visiting every Catholic English Cathedral!

    “A moment of great promise…
    for the Church in this country and for our mission”
    Cardinal Vincent Nichols